My Biography

Name: Sarah Kathryn Miller (Doran)
Irc Nick: Scba
Translation: Self Contained Bitching Apparatus (Hey, it was a gift from my search and rescue buddies. What can I say?!)
Born: 1973
Married: November 1997 to Jonathan Miller
Hometown: Good question! I still claim the mid-Willamette Valley in Oregon as home, but I don't actually live there anymore. Somehow, I've managed to end up in Auburn, Washington.
Family: Jon, my husband, and 3 cats, BooBoo (aka: Destructo Kitty), BeBe (aka: Dumbass Puff) and Domino (aka: EvilCatz).
More Family: Oldest of 5 kids. The youngest is 18 years my junior! Have one set of parents who have been married for a long time! You can read a bit more about them on my Mom's website at Mostly it has her stories and poems, but a lot of them are about our family.
Occupation: I've been asking myself just what exactly it is that I am. I used to be a full-time 911 dispatcher. Now I do that part-time, mostly just for fun. I have three part-time teaching positions at colleges, so I guess maybe I'm a teacher now. I enjoy it, though the pay isn't great! I used to be an executive and technical recruiter too, though that was definately not my favorite line of work. If you really want to know about my background, you can view my CV (that's academic speak for resume!
Education: Well, now there's the $250,000 question. I have a bunch now. It's on my CV too, so I won't bore you with it. I am working on a PhD though!

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