Welcome to my World!

So, you've arrived at my site. Whether you've stumbled upon me, or you're a friend, I think you'll enjoy reading just a bit about me and my life. Enjoy your visit and come back often!

My site is in a perpetual state of chaos! If you snoop through, you'll find code I originally wrote when I had no clue what I was doing. You'll find code barfed out by a couple of different WYSISYG page editors. You'll even find pages I signed before I got married! My apologies for the mess, but that's just the way things go!

After, quite literally, 6 1/2 years of neglect, I'm updating a few things here. A friend of mine pointed out to my that the website of one of my former employers has been bought out by a porn company, so when you click on the employer name, it takes you there. Since I don't really want people to think I worked for a porn company, I figured I might as well see what else I can fix ....

There used to be a counter here, but it breaks on a regular basis, so it's been removed. Given the neglected state of my site, I probably don't really want to know whether or not anybody is visiting anyway.

This page updated May 11, 2005 by Sarah K. Miller. The last update prior to this was December 23, 1998.